Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Any and All Rugs

Rugs serve a few valuable purposes in your home. Whether they’re protecting your nice wood floors, keeping your feet warm, or just tying the room together with a bit of color, we can all agree, a dirty rug just doesn’t cut it. Our seven-step rug cleaning process ensures your rug is 100% clean in a timely manner. If one of the steps doesn’t do its job to our satisfaction, we run it back through until total cleanliness is achieved.

Our 7-step Process

Step 1 Check in:  We’ll take a good look at your rug and check for any flaws or defects it might have. We’ll also collect the necessary information so we know how serious the project is.


Step 2 Dusting:  Dusting is one of the most critical processes in rug cleaning.  Rug fibers harbor dust, debris, and pet hair.  If we don’t evacuate that dust before the washing process, the rug could still hold onto some of that dust, making the rug cleaning process a lot more timely and costly.  


Step 3 Washing:    Our washing process utilizes the industry’s best equipment to blast the fibers of your rug with highly pressurized water. Not only are our cleaning products super effective, but environmentally friendly as well, so no need to worry about your pets’ safety. We use only top-of-the-line cleaning agents that remove deep seated stains and leave your rug looking, smelling, and feeling like new.  


Step 4 Rinsing:  Rinsing goes hand in hand with the washing process.  Once the cleaning products have done their job to completion, we rinse it all out with high pressure water.  This ensures that none of the dirt or cleaning chemicals are left behind.  We rinse until it’s entirely apparent the rug is entirely clear of anything but rug fibers.


Step 5 Drying:  The drying process isn’t as simple as just setting it out to dry.  An improperly dried rug can cause your rug to shrink or fade.  The last thing you want from a rug cleaning service is a different rug than what you originally purchased.  Our process uses a centrifuge to pull out 95% of the water before we brush it out and hang it to air dry.  This leaves your rug feeling fresh, soft, and looking great.


Step 6 Packaging:  We’ll seal your rug in airtight packaging to guarantee your rug isn’t damaged in transit to you.


Step 7 Inventory/Delivery:  Once we’re done with your rug cleaning service, we’ll shoot you a call and schedule a convenient time for delivery or pickup.